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Wiccan Sabbat's CELEBRATIONS

Descriptions, Recipes and Decorations

This a no-nonsence, no-frills book about our Sabbat Celebration.

Authored by S L Britton

Amazon , I-Book, Nook, and Kindle always remember if they don't have the books on their shelves; just ask and they will order for you.

Learning and Living the old ways

Wiccan Lessons, Rituals, and Rites of Passages.

This has lessons, Ethics, just your basic how to's. This is how I was taught as a child and how I've modernized my Families tradition for the modern Witch.

Authored by Rowan ViviAnna

Out on Amazon and Kindle Now

wicca for children

Rituals,Prayers, Crafts and Kiddy friendly Recipes Teaching, Leaning, Understanding

We should start our little ones off in the right direction when they begin to learn our ways.

Authored by Rowan ViviAnna

Available on Amazon, Kindle, I-Books.

In Bookstores now. If they don't have yet just ask and they will order it for you.