The goddess series

The New Series will both Educate you and show you how we as The Sisterhood of The Black Rose Society & Coven call on each of The Goddesses. Each Book will specialize on a particular Goddess and all her attributes as well as Correspondences.

Here is the list of upcoming Books


~The Goddess Series~

  1. The Three Faces of Hecate, Maiden, Mother, Crone

  2. The Goddess Bastet

  3. The Goddess Athena, Wisdom & War

  4. Danu. The Mother of The Irish Gods

  5. The Lady Brigid, Inspiration and Healing

  6. Freya, Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Destiny

  1. Cerridwen, Goddess of transformation, Inspiration and Knowledge

  2. The Goddess Demeter, Fertility and Harvest

  3. Eostre, The Maiden Goddess of The Dawn

  4. Isis, The Divine One

  5. The Morrigan, The Great Queen